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A Day at Ramson Kennel

We make your dog feel at home with our spacious climate controlled kennel buildings, large outside runs and acres of safely fenced yard space for play time with dog friends or just human friends, based on your pup's needs and temperament.


We are able to easily accommodate most special diet or medication needs as we are on site and fully staffed 24/7.


We provide Fromm kibble for your dog or welcome that you bring your own food in a closed hard container with his/her name clearly labeled (please label the scoop as well if needed). We offer warm fleece blankets for each dog as well as safe Kong and Nylabone chew toys. You are welcome to bring a blanket from home as well as a favorite hard chew toy but we ask that beds, comforters, and stuffed toys stay home for safety reasons.


A day at Ramson for our overnight guests is as follows; 7am, outside for morning potty then back in for breakfast and out again in the runs to play. Dogs can come and go in and out for most of the day when the temperatures are right. We keep everyone inside from about 9am-noon as that is a busy time for pick ups and drop offs and could create stress. At noon, its back outside in the runs. Once check in and check outs have slowed, we begin the play day! We are often able to do small groups in the yard early morning and throughout the day as well. We work to get each pup out into the large yard to run and jump and romp! Then it's back into the cozy enclosures to get ready for dinner served at 5-6pm. Another potty break follows dinner. Last let out is at 9-10pm. Every day is a fun filled day at Ramson! We really love what we do here and look forward to hosting your furry family member soon!

We are conveniently located just five minutes off the highway on the Seabrook NH and Salisbury MA state line and just 3 minutes from C&J Bus Lines Seabrook, NH terminal. 

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